A Public Consensus on Social Responsibilities Grows

Korea’s CSR Film Festival is the only SR festival in Korea to share, in videos, in stories, and in activities of people making the society better. The CSR Film Festival is taking the lead in promoting awareness of social responsibilities, which, in fact, is a fundamental value, and a practical goal of all of us. Since its beginning in 2012, more than 100 enterprises, including social enterprises, non-profit organizations, individuals, and college students have participated in this film festival. Also, since then the number of exhibited videos has increased year after year.

The organizing committee of the Korea CSR Film Festival is waiting for stories of people who are fulfilling social responsibilities. All of you who raise creative issues regarding sound social changes are warmly welcomed to share your zeal, and enthusiasm for social contributions expressed in videos.

Your interests and participation in social responsibilities can make a sustainable society. The organizing committee will create opportunities to promote your activities for social responsibilities and values and help you to communicate with one another.